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Logos Toolbar
How it works
menu toolbar Displays and hides the toolbar;
      Accesses the different resources available on the Logos website;
The "Settings" option allows you to select the toolbar language as well as the source and target language for the Logos Dictionary, Logos Library and Logos Conjugator and Logos Quotes;
Logos Toolbar per Microsoft Word
The dictionary, library, conjugator and quotes buttons enable you to query the term on which the cursor is positioned or the phrase selected using the Logos search engine;
The text boxes next to each button (dictionary, library, conjugator, quotes) also allow you to query the search engine by entering the relevant term or phrase and clicking Enter.
System requirements
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Microsoft Word 97 or later;
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later ;
Display resolution: 800x600 or higher
Download & Install
Click on Logos Word Toolbar and download the file into a temporary folder;
Close all running programs;
Double click on the downloaded file;
Restart Word
Go into the Startup sub-directory of Word (97, 2000 or XP depending on the version installed on your PC) (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 97\Office\STARTUP") and delete the LogosToolbar.dot file.
Alternatively, go into c:\logosToolbar and remove the .exe file